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Maiden Tower

The 60 foot high Maiden Tower is situated at the mouth of the Boyne Estuary just off the NorthWest end of Mornington beach. It was built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (some would say hence the name 'Maiden Tower') as a beacon to aid mariners on th

The nearby Lady's Finger is a 13 meter-high solid obelisk-like tower which is believed to have been constructed much later than its companion, and was also used as a shipping beacon in past times. In between the two there also sits the Victorian Lifeboat

Local legend has naturally grown up around the two buildings, adding to their history. The story goes that a young and very beautiful local woman had a lover who left to fight in a war overseas. Before he left, he told his sweetheart that he would return

Location & Information

Location: , , Mornington, Co. Meath