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St Laurences Gate

Built when the Anglo Normans made Drogheda one of their primary strongholds, St Laurences Gate was part of the 13th century walled fortifications which enclosed one hundred and thirteen acres, making Medieval Drogheda one of the largest walled towns of th

St Laurence's Gate is a barbican and is widely regarded as one of the finest of its kind in Europe. It consists of two lofty circular towers, connected together by a wall, in which there is an archway. One of the gates many features is a slot underneath t

South of the gate at Featherbed Lane visitors can appreciate the spectacular dimensions of the Medieval walls complete with buttress & embrasure. The Gate was ideally situated not only to be a fort but also a watchtower with clear views in all directions.

Location & Information

Location: , Laurence Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth